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We are Ddraig Valley, a project set up in Pencoed. Our idea is to provide our service in the form of a farm park, you can read more about us on our about page.

Ddraig Valley Farm Park is designed for families with toddlers to teens and offers a unique experience with our mixture of farm animals and exotics. We may only be small but our website provides everything you can possibly do when you visit us to avoid dissapointment. Ddraig is the soft mutation of Draig, the Welsh word for dragon!

To keep updated with our journey you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have something you like to ask us in private you can contact us via email, the address is found below.
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Big Ideas Wales Celebrated - Winners of Best Overall Business

So we won a thing!

What is Big Ideas Celebrated?

It is a National competition aimed at finding and showcasing the best Entrepreneurial talent amongst 16 to 25 year olds in Wales. The Competition was open to anyone who resides in, or is being educated in, Wales and is aged 16 to 25 on the 3 February 2017.
The competition is part of the Welsh Government’s Youth Entrepreneurship Services (YES) to support young people in Wales from the age of 5-25 to increase their awareness of entrepreneurship, find their inspiration, explore ideas and ultimately launch their own business.
The Prospects Partnership, made up of Prospects and Cazbah Ltd. are appointed by the Welsh Government to deliver Youth Entrepreneurship Services across Wales

How Did We Do?

Well despite me (Geraint) messing up the all important and vital one minute pitch, what do you know we won "Overall Best Business" It was a complete surprise to use and by god it was heart racing and all happened in a blink of an eye.

Top 5 Moments of 2016

Hello Folks. So, this will be first of a number of website posts for you guys, they will span quite few topics and we figured that it would a great idea to not only introduce you guys to some of our favourite moments to do with the business! So in no particular order and bang on trend, here is our Top 5 Moments of 2016

5. Test Town 
Just over a year ago, we competed in a local competition called Test Town, the premise of the event was to try to rejuvenate town centres by allowing new businesses to test out their idea in a totally risk free environment. We won our local test town and for that we got to compete in the finale up in Glasgow. While we didn't win, it gave us a real understanding and confidence that we can run our business.

4. Contracts 
If you aren't in the loop, you may not know that we have actually been working on setting up Ddraig Valley Farm Park for a good 3 years, we had explored numerous options and sadly, none of them really ideal. So, we approached Bridgend College with our business plan and from there we were able to obtain land from the college and start building the business. Something we are beyond grateful for happening.

3. Representing our Business 
Throughout the year, some of our favourite moments have been representing our business, we have only done this on a small scale, there is actually nothing we love more then discussing our work and getting people involved and passionate about what we do.

2. Falling into place 
I realise that this is quite a jump to go from talking about our business to talking about the work load. one of our favourite things and that is why we have added it, is seeing weekly how everything develops, how our ideas change and everything finally falls into place. We have reached a pivotal moment where there is so much to do, but it is just not these huge tasks that were once there and it is those small tasks that bring everything we've done together. It wouldn't be fitting to ignore the growth of what we've done.

1. Finishing the First Milestone
As soon as the contracts were signed, we started work straight away on what we endearingly call the site. The first place we started was going to be our opening and picnic area, it isn't only the first place we started, but the first area to be finished and probably our favourite area. the area was not initially going to be used but a change of plans meant we had to utilize it, which took a good few months to do. Despite everything we have done during the time spent setting up the business, it was the first physical sign of it and for that it was always going to be number one on our list. This is our favourite picture, even without the picnic tables, it's just a lovely spot!

The Test Town Feedback Blog

Test Town was fun as you should already know, anyway, we got into contact to the runners and other contestants on our idea and what they thought of Ddraig Valley! The stuff said was purely amazing. Here is some of them, be sure to check them out.

Back in Wales - The Test Town Finals

Well, we are now back in Wales, we unfortunately did not win but the experience has been something we will remember quite some time.

The winner was the fab guy behind Panda's Kitchen. A well deserved winner we see going far but what does this mean for us? We still have a journey to continue on, a difficult one of course but we will continue on it.
To the fellow competitors at Test Town we hope this will not be the last for you and we wish the very best in your business ventures with some true characters we truly do hope you all get what you want out of life.

To the Carnegie UK Trust we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to test our business up in Glasgow and we would wish to thank the team, especially Jim, Gina & Kirsty.

Lastly we would like to thank Ruth Rowe, a person of tremendous talent who got us on this road in the first place.

Two Pencoed-based businesses gearing-up to compete in TestTown 2015 grand final

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Ddraig Valley Farm Park and Fy Fferm Siop are gearing-up to join 12 other finalists in the Carnegie UK Trust Test Town 2015 grand final which will be held in Glasgow’s Historic Saltmarket and The Briggait from the 25 - 27 February 2016.

The new start-ups from across the UK and Ireland will descend on Glasgow's historic Saltmarket to compete in the final where the winner will receive the title of 'UK entrepreneur of the year’ and £10,000 in business start-up funding.

Ddraig Valley and Fy Fferm Siop represented Wales in the TestTown 2015 competition held in November which has been hailed as Britain’s biggest regeneration and enterprise challenge.
Geraint Robson said: “We are really keen to make Bridgend proud in this competition. We’re taking all our passion for animal welfare and education and planning on making it a fun experience in Glasgow.

“We decided to mix things up a bit and focus on animals that are quite often forgotten in the animal world. We’re focusing on showcasing some of our favourite stock including reptiles and insects, which truly represent our brand. As well as unusual animals, we will also be offering some of the best produce Wales has to offer with our competition partner Fy Fferm Siop.

“We plan on setting-up a 3 x 4 metre gazebo, containing the whole experience. We will be going all out in order to take our visitors to whole different continent by playing with lighting and sound. We will also have a small area set-up for children to colour-in an animal or draw their own.
“We are also including a projector and projection screen to show all the amazing animals in action as well as revealing some ‘top secret’ information that TestTown will be the first to see!”
Working with the hosts, Glasgow City Council and City Property (Glasgow) LLP the grand final will see participants trade out of pop-up shops and spaces to compete for £10,000 investment into their business idea. From luxury chocolate, to circus acrobatics, beautiful textiles/ craft, to hip-hop- TestTown is guaranteed to be a unique shopping experience!

Jim Metcalfe, TestTown Programme Leader at the Carnegie UK Trust, said: “Conditions are still tough for town economies across the country, and young people are particularly affected. TestTown is all about helping people to harness entrepreneurial flare at the local level. It provides an opportunity to connect town centre entrepreneurs with the challenges facing the high street, making them real partners and contributors to improving local communities.”
“It is hoped that the TestTown regeneration challenge will also go some way to helping bring the area back to its former glory.”
For more information on Ddraig Valley Farm Park visit: or the TestTown grand final visit: