Bringing Wales to Glasgow - The Road to the Test Town Finals

The Grand Final of TestTown 2015 will be held in Glasgow Saltmarket over the long weekend Thurs 25th to Saturday 27th February 2016.  Working with the hosts, Glasgow City Council, the Saltmarket and High Street area of Glasgow and The Briggait will see twelve TestTown 2015 winners and runners up trade out of pop-up shops and spaces to compete for £10,000.

£10,000 would take us far therefore we are putting our best efforts into making this a one hell of an experience. It will be no easy feat though, being all the way in Bridgend means transporting a butt load to Scotland if we want to be seen as serious competitors, not only that the amount of ideas brewing is immense and we hope you can follow us as we try and make these ideas come alive!

Since the announcement of the grand final we have been non-stop, and do you know what? It has been so much fun, the meetings, the creativity and of course, the animals! They will always be the centre of the business because who does not love em?

Peanut the Donkey the moral support you need!
This weekend we managed to get some of ideas partly done, since we do not want to leave anybody who cannot make it to Scotland out these will be shared on our social media platforms for all to see, not only that but we will be constantly updating throughout the week.

We have also, through our links, gained valuable market research and have gathered useful contacts, with these contacts we have ensured we are on their radar and their support has been immense some include.
  • ·        REACH – Nicola Lewis (Rural Development Office)
  • ·        Bridgend County Borough Council – Andrew Care, Mark Blackmore, Geoff Hobbs
  • ·        Bridgend Business Forum – Nicola Fedyszyn
  • ·        Bridgend Tourism Association – Mike Evans (Tourism Unit)
  • ·        Carnegie Trust – Kirsty Tait (Projects Officer)
  • ·        Business in Focus – Brian Ahearne (Business Advisor)
  • ·        Big Ideas Wales – Annette Gee (Taskforce Paintball)
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