Stock and Produce!

As you all know and should know by now, the grand final for Test Town is being hosted in Glasgow's famous Salt Market over a long weekend at the end of this month.

We really just wanted to update you on some new stock we just got in. As well as showcasing our idea, we just could not pass up this opportunity to showcase some of our favourite items! Our all time favourite has got to be these!

We absolutely adore these sand animals and we especially love the dragon! They don't quite resemble our mascot, Llewellyn, but I am sure he will be pleased with the representation anyway. With that in mind, one of our furry companions absolutely adores one piece of stock in particular, can you guess what that is?

If you guys happen to like these or have any recommendations for things you'd like to see sold at test town or even in our future endeavors, let us know! On that note, if you hadn't noticed, we also now have an instagram!