Big Ideas Wales Celebrated - Winners of Best Overall Business

So we won a thing!

What is Big Ideas Celebrated?

It is a National competition aimed at finding and showcasing the best Entrepreneurial talent amongst 16 to 25 year olds in Wales. The Competition was open to anyone who resides in, or is being educated in, Wales and is aged 16 to 25 on the 3 February 2017.
The competition is part of the Welsh Government’s Youth Entrepreneurship Services (YES) to support young people in Wales from the age of 5-25 to increase their awareness of entrepreneurship, find their inspiration, explore ideas and ultimately launch their own business.
The Prospects Partnership, made up of Prospects and Cazbah Ltd. are appointed by the Welsh Government to deliver Youth Entrepreneurship Services across Wales

How Did We Do?

Well despite me (Geraint) messing up the all important and vital one minute pitch, what do you know we won "Overall Best Business" It was a complete surprise to use and by god it was heart racing and all happened in a blink of an eye.